More About Peli Classic-V-Series

More About Peli Classic-V-Series

Extreme Duty Rack Cases..

Peli Classic-V-Series is lightweight, compact, and double ended cases offer Medium to Heavy Duty duty protection and boast significantly better light duty shock performance than the competition. SUPER-V-SERIES comes in 7 sizes from 3 Unit to 14 Unit and are all 2-wheeled Shock Mount Rack. The use of recycled materials in the shell and a sturdy steel frame offer great value while upholding Hardigg's industry-leading standards. When you need to be cost-conscious but can't sacrifice performance, SUPER-V-SERIES is the answer.

Perfect for: Military and Industrial applications, Audio/Video recording and processing systems, Satellite communication systems, Radio communication systems, Seismic data recording instrumentation, and Climate data collection.

Dimensions are: 24" (610 mm) Rugged steel rack frame with 10-32 threads designed to meet ANSI/EIA 310-C Rack designed for applications up to 80 kg. 


Peli Classic-V-Series

Specialty Packaging.

Flightcases International A/S is dedicated to finding the perfect packaging solution for our clients. We analyze the end user’s needs and develop an innovative solution that will exceed the highest of expectations. Our expertise in designing custom foam interiors, printing and systems integration sets us apart from the competition allowing us to offer a turnkey solution. Keeping in line with the Storm spirit of simplified customization, the protective webs are easy to remove. An intuitive 2-hook clip system allows for easy partial detachment to insert your items, while the 2 lower attachment screws can be easily removed to detach the web completely.