Stratocell Polyethylene Foam

Stratocell Polyethylene Foam

Stratocell - The Foam That Gets It Done

Stratocell® laminated polyethylene foam was developed by Sealed Air to meet the needs of customers who require a thick product that provides excellent protection. We continue to develop and improve the line of Stratocell® products in ways that enable our customers to specify exactly what they need, right down to the color of the foam. With all the different options available, Stratocell® foam is perfect for just about any application. Stratocell Polyethylene foam packaging offers both transit protection and cost effective high & low volumes

  • A variety of attractive colours
  • Metallocene grades for easier thermo-compression behaviour
  • Special grades with increased flame-retarding properties, and/or conductive or static-dissipative characteristics


So what is Stratocell?

Stratocell is a lightweight, closed cell Polyethylene foam material. Similar to Ethafoam, Stratocell is predominantly used as a protective packaging material to provide cushioning inside corrugated cartons. It is available in 3 different densities, ensuring suitability for a huge range of applications. It is clean, lightweight, non-abrasive, resistant to water and has good insulation properties.


Stratocell Polyethylene (PE) Foam Sustainability 

Our package Design and Development exist to achieve one purpose: to help our customers find a high-performance, cost-effective packaging solution. With dedicated packaging engineers on staff iwe are ready to listen and deliver. Our goal is to help you find a costeffective solution to your packaging needs, and provide you with the most efficient package possible.

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