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9600 Modular Lighting System Complete Set

Peli™ 9600 Modular Light: New linear system work lighting.

Now it’s easy to light up long stretches of rail track, roads and tunnels without the hassles of conventional heavyweight light towers. Chain up to 34 Peli™ 9600 Modular Light heads to produce over 100,000 combined lumens of bright LED light and evenly cover more than 350 yards (321 meters), all powered by one generator.

Engineered with side and end mount bracket attachment points, plus a stand system that can extend up to 10 feet, the Peli™ 9600 Modular Light is ready to mount to fences, hang overhead or stand on its own.

Travel safe and pack tight. Built with tough Polycarbonate recessed lenses and internal shock supports, the Peli 9600 Modular Light is built to survive rough terrain and accidental drops. In fact these units are drop tested from 6 feet onto concrete, proof that this latest design is built to take punishment. Plus, the Peli 9600 Modular Light heads and bases are designed to stack and stay together, with detachable cords and poles for compact shipping and storage. Stretch out the daylight with the Peli™ 9600 Modular Light.

Mere Information
Brand RALS™
Producent RALS
Genopladlig No
Anvendelse Police, Offshore, Industrial, Outdoor
Vægt 4.100000
Garanti Ubegrænset Livsvarig garanti*
Externe dimensioner 465 x 210 x 120 mm
Farve Gul
Lagerstatus Levering 1 uge
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